World Flight A Big Success

Steve Masson reports “…… This year’s event was supported by Flight1, Goflight, Just Flight, FS Addon, Aerosoft, Microsoft Game Studio, FScene, FS2Crew, ITVV, Angle of Attack, Just planes, Vroute, Captain Sim, and Top Gun Productions. The auction has raised over £1000. The success of the auction is way beyond the expectation of the team here in Scotland and the staff at the ORBIS London office…..”.
“…. We hoped to create an International event with buyer’s world wide and thanks to superb publicity the auction was given this was achieved. With bidders in Malaysia, Austria, India, France, USA, Belgium, Reunion Island, Luxembourg, Poland and the UK. The auction like World Flight covered the globe. The flight Simulator Community has been incredibly supportive from the top companies to virtual organisations and individual simmers we could not have asked for more support.

The money raised makes a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people around the world…..”.

The full story can be found here.

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