South African Sceneries On simMarket

Some time ago we ‘scouted’ a company based in South Africa selling local sceneries. Now we are happy to present them on simMarket as well. NMG Trading CC from South Africa has a number of products for sale, both for FS9 as for FSX. We have no less than FIVE new titles for you to check out, ranging from Capetown International to Durban Airport, and each in two flavors: FS9 or FSX. Check out the entire range here on simMarket.

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  1. These packages looks very simplistic and for 14 Euros are grossly overpriced. I’ve seen better freeware. I’d love to have some good South Africa scenery but the quality is going to have to be a lot better than these.

    Very disappointing.

  2. I don’t understand why freeware quality is nowaday sold as payware. C’mon, these airports are medicore at best…

  3. I think it is called ‘free market economy’, and looking at what’s happening in the world today I am pretty certain that the market takes care of itself. With less money to spend pretty soon all ‘surplus’ producing companies will bite the dust, leaving the ones that produce things people really want to pay for….. or better still, ‘really need’.

    ( Well, one can dream, can’t one ? )

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