1956 Aerocar N103d – only $3.5m

Is there any Flight Sim enthusiast that would not want this beauty in her/his garage?

1956 Aerocar N103d
1956 Aerocar N103d

This fully and only FAA-certified car-airplane is now being offered on Ebay to interested bidders, why not you? Facts from Wikipedia: “N103D (1956) is red/black with red wings. It has been owned by Carl & Marilyn Felling of Colorado since 1981 and is currently for sale by Marilyn Felling with an asking price of $3.5 million. ….. This Aerocar is the only Model One in original condition, down to the decals on the dash. N103D was recently advertised for sale with the notation that can be readily displayed “as-is” or can be easily restored to flying condition.”

Oh and if this is to small or just not what you had in mind, why not purchase a trusty and slightly more spacious Boeing 727, here, for a modest $2,95m ? 

Also i just found FSX and FS9 models of the above Aerocar being offered by Rarewings -> CLICK. It’s payware.

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