Day: December 1, 2008

DBS Autobrake System

Thomas Richter is not content to make a landing in FS, he also wants to correctly simulate the braking of the aircraft afterwards. So if

NASASpaceflight & SSM2007 Offer

Exciting Simulations and NASASpaceFlight  are “….. happy to announce that starting December 1st 2008, and until December 31st 2008 Space Shuttle Mission 2007 licensees and

REX Released

REX has apparently quietly been released this weekend. From their website you can read that “….. REX is a technologically & artistically advanced, hi-definition texture

Paris By Satellite

Newport from the US has released his Photo Real Paris X. It is a “…… frame rate friendly scenery that will keep you flying around

Don’t Try This At Home

Found on the Avweb news flash this morning a little article about a private owner of a beautiful F-86 Sea Fury, coming in for landing

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