DBS Autobrake System

Thomas Richter is not content to make a landing in FS, he also wants to correctly simulate the braking of the aircraft afterwards. So if you’re a ‘reality buff’ then this product may be of interest to you: the Autobrake/Slippery RWY/Contaminated RWY/DBS (Dynamic Braking System). Available on simMarket now.
“….   This version is special for Cockpit builders or professional users.
The Autobrake system controls the deceleration in dependence of different conditions at the braking phase. The braking phase itself starts by touchdown of the A/C.
A corresponding important factor is the weather condition and the RWY quality that follows,
e.g. Rain or Snow, which will prolong the braking distance extremely.
But not only braking distance, as well is the “feeling” of a slippery RWY important for a realistic simulation at landing. …”.

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