November Screenshot Competition Winners

Another day, another month! And what a month November was! A record number of entries were submitted and a record amount of sweat was shed in judging the entries. But judge we did and we came up with three worthy winners. The first prize, a choice from the simMarket shop to 25 Euro maximum value goes to forum member Speedsparrow and his screenie of the Spitfire (Kittyhawk – well spotted Naki 😳 ) flying through a rainbow.


Even though the picture itself is totally against the laws of physics, everyone liked it most for it’s impact. (Did I say against the laws of physics? I did – rainbows only appear visible when the light is behind the observer – but we didn’t ask for ‘only physically possible’ shots, just to comply with the forum rules).

Second prize, a choice from the simMarket shop to 20 Euro maximum value goes to forum member planephysician for his screenie of the RAS Scout over Alaska. A great composition of emotions there… A pilot is always looking for a place tp land in an emergency, and over terrain like this, you start to feel very lonely, very small and very much “on top of the world”.



Third prize, a choice from the shop to 15 Euro maximum value goes to forum member N12JP for his screenshot of Dawn breaking over Glacier Bay. As one of the judges put it, “I know photographers who would kill for that shot…….” I think that sums it up.

Well done to all and we’ll see you again for this month’s competition

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  1. Yes I agree amazing pic and well done Speedsparrow – but its a Kittyhawk not a Spitfire

  2. Well done folks!

    …now… Shall we buy Chris a copy of Jane’s WW2 aircraft spotters guide for Christmas? 😆

    Ian P.

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