Brest Airport From FranceVFR For FS2004!

FranceVFR recently released the wonderful LFRB — Brest Guipavas airport for FSX. There now is good news for FS2004 owners, because they have made a version for the ‘old’ sim available too ! “….. Brest Guipavas represents an extremely detailed French Regional airport in the West of France (Brittany). It includes high-definition ground textures as well as night textures. The scenery covers about 40 km2 and adds to the airport an extended photorealistic area including a specific autogen coverage…..”.“….. The scenery can be used as a standalone product or in addition to the Bretagne VFR scenery without any adaptation. Due to its specific conception, the scenery is entirely compatible with any mesh of your choice….”.

Available from the webshop now !

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  1. Hi,
    All these news about France Vfr are a little bit confusing.
    What is new, what is old?
    I have bought this week a “new” boxed version of french airports 2 for about 45€. Among them Brest.But is the Brest you are announcing newer than my new Brest.
    As you now France VFR sells his products trough many channels under different names ans sometimes with some differencies concerning the covered area.After a lot of problems and lost money with downloads I do only buy boxed version.This time from Micro Application.As there is not an only word on the site of Francevfr, could you clearly explain for what we are spending our money.

  2. Maybe buying only boxed versions is not the best decision. There are many boxes out there that contain OLD titles, often repackaged and sometimes even under a different name. The shop where you buy them may not return money or swap the box, the publisher most certainly won’t get involved… unlike with download software, where there is a much more DIRECT contact with the publishers and even the developers.

    Anyway, that’s up to you of course, YMMV.

    As for the Brest product…. there clearly IS word on the France VFR website….. actually their MOST RECENT post there is about this airfield. It is brand new and I doubt you’ll have it in any box. But best source to ask is Laurent himself in that case 😉


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