Upgrade And Discounts From Captain Sim

Captain Sim from Russia report that they “…… have some good news for their customers. In the frst place there is the 757 Captain upgraded version 4.2 (FSX), which is now available free of charge to existing customers. And secondly they have opened their ‘seasonal sale’, which basically means getting a discount, on their 757 for FSX (50 EUro off), their 757 for FS9 (60 Euro off) and their C-130 for FSX (with 50 Euro off). …”. For more details visit their website.

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  1. 50€ off for c-130?! Bloody liars. there is 50€ off when you buy Base pack + Extra pack 1 + Extra pack 2 + … Pro Pack – which of course already contains base and extra packs!

  2. Yes, I agree with Marklar. I thought the C-130 would be 50 Euros cheaper but it’s 10 Euros off for the base pack; 10 Euros off for Pack I and II respectfully; and 20 Euros off the Pro Pack which includes Packs I and II. So that all adds up to 50 Euros but you’ll only need to buy the base plus Packs I and II (30 Euros off) or the base plus the Pro Pack which includes all the Packs (30 Euros off). Their math is obviously different from ours… It’s still a pretty good deal getting 30 Euros off!


  3. Well, for me paying 19.99 Euros instead of 59.99 for the 757-200 Pro Pack (FS9 version) it was for me not a bad deal!


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