Quick Poll: are you a FS9er or a FSXer ?

Let’s do it quick and dirty so we all know what we are and where we are at as 2008 draws it’s last curtain. Pleaaaase be honest, we do want to get a quick but accurate view of the status quo of you, our readers. We believe this to be of interest to all. Go for it:

[poll id=”2″]

UPDATE 29/12: i had planned to close this poll after the christmas weekend, but decided to keep it open for a while longer as developments show how interesting this issue is currently.

UPDATE 06/01: Poll now closed.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 01:45

Hi. Somethings I would like to bring to discussion here: – hope we don`t see, when FSXI is being closer to be released, the same frisson we all have seen about FSX, when all we could remember was people anxious for the new sim, “killing” FS9 and schedulling it`s funeral before the time, stop ordering brand new FS9 addons being just released due to “I will not invest on an older sim right now” thinking, and forcing developers to a halt, as everyone was believing on a smooth compatibility as anounced by ACES before FSX release. That was a nightmare… Read more »

Sunday, January 4, 2009 22:32

they are just trackbacks from other sites that refer to this page.

Sunday, January 4, 2009 22:10

Can someone translate these last two post? 🙂

Saturday, January 3, 2009 11:30

I am most definitely a full-blown FSX user now. The aircraft paint detail possibilities are excellent. User editable bumpmaps, specualar shine, DXT5 DDS… from the painter’s p.o.v. FSX has it hands (and feet) down. Scenery wise – even with low FPS on my rig, the detail that is now possible and available… FSX has it hands (and feet) down. Low and slow flight is far more immersive in X. Sorry all you niners, you really are missing out. Yes, there are ‘issues’ with FSX. Yes, there are ‘issues’ for developers who want to build addons for FSX And yes –… Read more »

Friday, January 2, 2009 07:25

FS9 plus Addons is simply perfect.

Why not FSX:

– to many Addons without 2D-Panels (I hate the 3D-hype and use my head for more than wearing a Track-IR-Hat)
– needing to many recources
– invested too much into FS9 and FSX is not compatible
– not handsome enough to tempt me 😉