With another year ending……..

francois31…. and with a BANG, literally as far as your Editor is concerned (my PC blew up after I turned it on upon returning from Christmas Hols), or with a ‘ fizzle’  as far as flightsimming is concerned with dwindling sales, dwindling forum posts, dwindling interest all around it seems, I would like to drop a few words to our readership.

First of all of course a BIG Thank You for staying with us through these troubled times. We greatly appreciate your perseverence with this wonderful hobby, and even more your loyalty to our news pages (and forums) !

2008 saw some problems, major turmoil in the world as we know it (knew it?) especially over the last 3 months, a dwindling interest in flightsimming maybe. It also saw a lot of change, and not only on simFlight and simMarket with new lay-outs and new technology.
And of course, there is always hope.

Hope because more and more developers are now finally getting up to speed with FSX’s quirks, options and possibilities, hope because more and more people are finally upgrading to more powerful hardware, and hope in general that 2009 will see an upturn in the economy again. That remains to be seen, but hope is all we’ve got so far!

Whatever the New year will bring us in terms of flight simming, new products, new projects and new developers even, we at simFlight and simMarket want to wish you a Stellar 2009 with lots of happiness and above all Good Health ! And of course we’ll continue our services of bringing you the FS news in a free and largely independent way, leading the way and furthering the FS hobby as we have always done.

See you again next year!

Your Managing EditorFrancois A. Dumas and the entire simFlight team.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009 22:07

Francois, Happy New Year to you and all at Simflight! I hope you have a prosperous year for you and your family as well as Simflight and SimMarket.

Thursday, January 1, 2009 18:28

As everyone has said,

Happy New Year. I hope it will be a prosperous and giving one for you all – with or without hat.

Thursday, January 1, 2009 16:31

I’m back and I would like to take the opportunity to add my best wishes and greetings to all the others. I shall be up to steam in a day or two and I have a few more reviews lined up too.

What? No hat this year? How fashions change in just a few days absence…

Thursday, January 1, 2009 16:02

Your comment on “dwindling interest all around” gives me a thought. Is intrest dwindling or are flight simmers not all spending $5k for a new computer to run FSX and its upgrades. One metric to i would look for is the number of people flying vs buying. I dont know how to measure this but has VATSIM membership or logged hours gone down.

just a thought

Rob Cappers
Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:12

And all the best for the new year from me as well. Happy 2009, R.