Day: January 15, 2009

US Airways A320 Water Landing in New York

A US Airways A320 airliner carrying over 100 passengers has made a water landing shortly after takeoff from La Guardia airport. According to press reports,

simFlight is on Twitter! Follow Me!

simFlight (all sites) is tweeting along with millions others now, check here: You can now follow us from your mobile device for example from

Messerschmitt Promo Video

Flight Replicas has been selling their BF109 JMeeserschmitt’s for some time now. Flight1 reports they have a new video showcasing their models.  “….. The Messerschmitt

Here’s One If You Like Odd Planes

XTreme Prototypes have modeled the Avro CF105 Arrow for us, an aircraft that never got to see production, and hence can be labeled as ‘odd’.

Microsoft ESP Is Growing

Microsoft’s foray into the ‘serious’ simulation software with ESP is slowly gaining momentum. Read what David Boker writes in his blog…. “….. At the I/ITSEC

Carenado’s Cessna 172N Skyhawk II

Fernando Herrera of Carenado has released their all-FSX Cessna 172N Skyhawk II on simMarket now. The model is made exclusively for FSX SP2 or Accelleration

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