Carenado’s Cessna 172N Skyhawk II

Fernando Herrera of Carenado has released their all-FSX Cessna 172N Skyhawk II on simMarket now. The model is made exclusively for FSX SP2 or Accelleration and features all the customary goodies we’ve been getting used to from the Carenado stables, although we’re admittedly a bit puzzled at what a ‘real propellor’ means. That could hardly be downloaded. But the rest can, so point your browser to simMarket here and go get it !


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  1. Well readers, don’t be confused by three C172 entries in such a short time – we just had to review this plane asap to find out why 43000 buyers can’t be wrong.

    As for the “real propeller” – well, sim developers tend to give us “wobbly props” with shadows that spin slowly backwards to give the impression of rotation. Carenado too.

    Technically this is incorrect. If you’ve sat in a cockpit of a GA plane in flight and looked for the prop, at best you’d have seen an immobile, transparent grey disc. That “wobble” is only caused when you film it with a movie camera and then play it back on screen, so there is Carenado’s “real propeller” for you (another “wobbler”) – sorry to disappoint you, dear reader 😉

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