FSWidgets GMap 1.1 Now With Chart Support

fsw_ecv_02FSWidgets has released an update to GMap for FSX, the freeware moving map system. “……. Version 1.1 of all four GMap editions – EFB, Browser, Garmin and iPhone – adds a chart loading function with support for a new open format calibration system for aeronautical charts, overlaying them onto the Google Maps display. Sample TAC and Sectional charts are included and you can easily create your own charts as outlined in the GMap documentation…..”.
“…… EFBFSX (Electronic Flight Bag for FSX) users also need to download the latest build (Version 1.3 – a free update) to use this new GMap release as a module under EFBFSX. Aside from the GMap 1.1 support, EFBFSX 1.3 now also accepts PNG image files on the WX page and includes the same customizable memory optimization feature included in the new GMap module.
To download the GMap and EFBFSX updates please go here……”.

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