Courseplanner 4 on course

courseplanner-mapThere is quite some developments coming up with the new version of Myoddweb’s Courseplanner utility. Courseplanner is one of those kind of ‘underground’ utilities that you don’t know exist until you come across an article like this (hence i am writing it, smile). What it is: up to now version 3 is a flight planner that allowed you to create flight plans (really?) plus adventures on FS2004 and FS2002 and FS2000…. you can deduct how long it has been around just by this compability listing.

Anyway, now soon comes the all new Version 4 and it is FSX only, brings network support and allows you to see all surrounding air traffic. Yes, it still does flight planning and creates adventures of course… but do i smell a bit of  FSnavigator 4 here?  

Best is to check it out for yourself as they are now looking for beta testers so if you want to try and test it today, check this link:  CLICK

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