US Air 1549: A Video Salute in FS2004

We found this on YouTube this morning, TBrdOne has made and posted a FS2004 deciption of the amazing achievment of Captain Chesley Sullenberger and his 1st Officer in getting their A320 down on the Hudosn river: “A  respectful salute to Captain Chesley Sullenberger III and his crew and the Rescue Teams and all the responders for their unequalled skill and dedication, and to the passengers of flight 1549.”


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  1. What an odd choice of music!
    Aside from that, anything that salutes the efforts of the crew has to be commendable.
    Similar circumstances to BA038 last year.

  2. There seem to have been a number of these things done…

    BBC News apparently contacted JustFlight to do a piece for them as well. I couldn’t post it yesterday, as it wasn’t available to view for anyone outside the UK at the time, but it is apparently now visible at this URL:

  3. That’s really a nice tribute and interesting to see it recreated.

    The music, (Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1) sounds like it’s been played by a Jazz/Piano Bar/Nightclub band that needs practice and the pianist is hitting incorrect notes or he’s improvising… badly. The video would have been more impressive had a ‘real’ rendition of Tchaikovsky’s concerto been used. Regardless though, it was enjoyable to view.

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