Blind and Visually Impaired Pilots Use IYP

iyp-freeHelen Cooper of IYP reports “…… Thanks to the IYP Blind Pilots’ Mode and co-pilots Michelle and Mike, blind and visually impaired pilots can now enjoy the exciting world of flight simulation in a true, virtual environment. Just like other IYP users, blind and visually impaired pilots can work with their co-pilots to take off, cruise and land any aircraft to and from their chosen airports…..”.
“….. What makes It’s Your Plane (IYP) so special for blind and visually impaired pilots?

Sighted pilots can read the green speech bar that shows voice activity in real time, so that they know the system has heard their commands or comments.  When the Blind Pilots’ Mode is on, a gentle click lets the pilot know that the IYP system has understood their phrase or command.

The only part of virtual flying with IYP that blind and visually impaired pilots cannot perform is taxiing to and from the hanger. Instead they begin their flights by parking their aircraft directly on a chosen runway. Other than this minor drawback, blind and visually impaired pilots can take full advantage of the numerous features of IYP and completely immerse themselves in the thrill of soaring up into the wild blue yonder.

Robert Cezar and the Pacific Feelings Media team regard the IYP Blind Pilots’ Mode innovation to be of prime importance in enabling blind and visually impaired pilots to enjoy the flight simulation world as much as sighted pilots.  We extend many thanks to pilots Aaron, John and Nick for their very helpful comments and suggestions that were invaluable in the development of the Blind Pilots’ Mode.

Click here for full details of the features and advantages available to blind and visually impaired pilots in the IYP Blind Pilots’ Mode.

Flight Training
IYP is an industry leader in flight training, with an interactive “live” co-pilot who can be asked to walk you through any or all the IYP checklists from Pre-flight to Shutdown.

Whether you are a long-time simmer or new to the flight simulator world, click here to watch some of IYP’s Video Presentations that assist pilots in learning to fly both GA (General Aviation) and Jetliners, and keep your eyes open for even more help in IYP Version 4.1.0 due to be released in the near future……”.

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