Berlin Airlift Exhibition In Seattle

Berlin Airlift Exhibition in the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington. “…… On view for one month, this exhibit honors the 60th anniversary of the humanitarian effort commonly known as The Berlin Airlift. After World War II, the Allied powers who had defeated Germany in 1945, divided the country into four occupation zones. The United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and France each were to occupy a part of Germany. On June 24, 1948, in an attempt to drive the Western Allies out of the city and its occupation zone, the Soviet Union began a blockade of the land- and waterways to Berlin….”.


“…… Together with Great Britain and France, the United States took a stand to protect the freedom of Berlin. The terms of access by air were regulated by an air safety agreement, which guaranteed the Western Allies the use of three air corridors to Berlin. So, they took to the skies and supplied more than 2 million men, women and children with life’s essentials for almost one year by means of an airlift.

The exhibit is presented in part by The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Washington, D.C. The Museum is one of only a few places this exhibit can be seen during its year-long tour of the United States…..”.

More information on the museum can be found here.

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