Traffic Sounds Extreme Edition

4062_traffic_sound-extreme-installerHmmm… do you think superlative product names such as Super, Ultimate, Extreme and Final would have brought on the End of ACES ?? Who knows! Anyway, here’s another one: Alan Constable’s Traffic Sounds Extreme Edition 2009. “….. The Extreme 2009 now features Microsoft’s FSX new cone technology, rendering full 5.1 and 7.1 full surround sound. That is of course if your system allows it to do so…..”. Availabe for those interested on the simMarket on-line shop, where else !!??

“…… It also includes a further 10 more sound sets; the new Airbus 380, the new B787 the Cessna 208, the World War2  Spitfire, Lancaster and Wellington bombers, the Apache Longbow helicopter, the Space Shuttle Discovery and the P51 and the G21. All other sounds are completely different than that of the Ultimate edition, all sounds have been increased on take-0ff so they do not cut off so quickly and all sounds can now be heard in all views.

A total of 36 different sounds for all your AI Aircraft. An optional feature in this edition is start-up sounds, giving you a more realistic airport environment. Unfortunately you will have to manually install these yourself, there is only a single entry you will have to make in your aircraft.cfg, and I can assure you it is worth it! Full instructions are included….”.

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