Washington State Now On MegasceneryEarth

mseFans of photoreal landscapes will be happy to hear that Washington State has been completed and added to the growing list of scenery addons produced by PC Aviator, in partnership with MegaScenery developer Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd. This addon can be obtained from their website here. For more details about Megascenery Earth you can read our in depth feature here.

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  1. Sorry, but $262,15 (35 x $7,49) for whole WA semms to be a little too much money to spend.



  2. Yea I agree that is absolutely ridiculous pricing… I think the addon market is gonna go in the tank as it is and the last thing we need are out of this world priced addons… I don’t know how stupid people can get. It’s clear the sim is coming to an end at least for a while, the economic problems are not going away, probably getting worse and yet scenery for the State of Washington (in which I live) is $262 bucks! Highly unlikely they will make out

  3. Sorry, but $262,15 ( 35 x $7,49) for the whole WA State seems a little bit too much much for me to pay for this scenery.

    I didn´t find any rebates for customers who will buy more than a few scenery tiles.

    For that reason MegeSceneryEarth will be no alternative to UTX USA/CAN.

    Second: I didn´t find anything about autogen coverage for this sceneries, for me an absolute “no go” to buy.



  4. In that sense, you have a point, but there is a (slightly) cheaper option. I quote from their site:

    “You might expect this technology and convenience to cost an arm and a leg… but it doesn’t. In fact it’s much, much cheaper than many of our customers have stated they would pay…. MegaSceneryEarth is very inexpensively priced – at less than 1 cent per square mile with some areas about 1 cent per 4 square miles. You can’t get much better than that for 1.19 meter per pixel photoscenery created from 1 and 2 foot per pixel aerial photos.

    On a per order basis, each tile is priced at $7.49 per tile for your first 3 areas and then when you add your fourth tile to your shopping cart, each area becomes reduced to $6.99. As you add your 7th tile the price reduces to $5.99 and for 11+ the price is $4.99 per tile.”

    …and of course – I don’t think anyone “needs” the whole state, nor is it intended to be sold as such. But as a “local addon” for GA and bush flyers, it is a bargain.

  5. It still is extremely expensive and cheaper alternatives are around the corner (see FS Dreamscapes for instance).

    Although I do NOT agree that FS is coming to an (any) end, the economic problems ARE a fact of life currently and will for sure curb spending of at least part of the flightsim customer base.

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