PC Pilots Ireland Reviews IYP

iyp-logo-red-stencil-finalHelen Cooper of IYP reports “…… It’s Your Plane (IYP) is pleased to announce the inclusion of a very satisfying review of IYP that was published in the December issue of the quarterly magazine ‘PC Flight’.  The review was conducted and written by David Lolley and the magazine is published in hard copy and online by PC Pilots Ireland, a flight simulation club based in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. Click here to read the entire review or visit the IYP home page and click on the blue Review link……”.

“…… Below is a short quote from the extensive review of IYP:

“It is possible with IYP to even carry out a complete flight with you sitting watching from the aircraft cockpit or from the outside in spot view as Michelle or Mike safely fly your aircraft from cold and dark through to parking at the stand. That may be a fun way to do it, but I believe most of you will wish to be seated in the cockpit watching your highly skilled Co-Pilot deal with all the settings, instruments and controls, or when required you can be the Pilot in control and the Co-Pilot will carry out whatever tasks you wish them to do when you vocally issue the command. How many of us have been desperately trying to cope with the demands of ATC, change the frequencies on the radios, set the flaps, set the altitude, deal with the undercarriage and set the course, sometimes all of this within the space of just a few seconds, and we have said to ourselves, “Now I know why they always have a Co-Pilot.”

Now with IYP you will be able to do all of that with just a few quick verbal commands, while you get on with answering ATC whether that is the virtual ATC from the flight simulator itself, RCV4, VOC ATC or a real VATSIM or IVAO controller. What’s more, you will be amazed at the speed that IYP carries out your commands. For instance, call for “Set heading 270 degrees” and within one second that heading has been selected, no more having to position the mouse cursor over the heading knob, and then click, click, click, until the heading bug reaches 270. The same is true of all the other instruments that require different setting from time to time. This feature alone makes the program worth the money!”……”.

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