BFG GeForce GTX285 Tested

gtx285-bfgGuru3D’s Ben Hagedoorn reports “……. We’ll look at BFG finest GeForce GTX 285 offering. See, just like many of NVIDIA’s board partners BFG offers the product in several flavors. They offer their regular OC edition, yet also OC+, OC2 and OCX editions. They’ve got quite a range. We’ll explain the difference over the next few pages…..”. “…. But it sums up to these exquisite clock frequencies:
°    Core Clock: 702MHz (vs. 648MHz standard)
°    Shader Clock: 1584MHz (vs. 1476MHz standard)
°    Memory Data Rate: 2664MHz (vs. 2484MHz standard)
Let us have a peek of what’s under the hood of the BFG GeForce GTX 285 OCX, and then make it alls sweaty with all the hottest games. You can find the review here…..”.

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