Only 98.000 More Fans Needed !!!

save-fs-highAlmost 2000 Flight Simulator Fans already joined us on Facebook. Although that is a long way to go to reach the 100.000 mark, it is encouraging to see so many people voice their support already.

To make it even easier (no registration needed) we have also opened a ‘poll’ on the FSAddon website (right hand column). Voting there means you support Flight Simulator’s future and its developers ! Flood the site, we don’t mind ! C’mon folks, lets see hands !!!

0 Responses

  1. It is a huge disappointment to laern that Microsoft no longer will support FS. I think Microsoft has earned quite a alot of respect and goodwill through FS. A solid base program that a lot of creative small firms and individuals have made even better. I really hope Microsoft will rethink their strategy.

  2. Sería muy triste y a mi me afectaría mucho por que es el único hoby que tengo, el volar por todo el mundo.

  3. Keep going FS Team! please don`t give up! there are many, many simmers waiting for your work.

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