Sky Diver For FS

fs2004skydiver1Mark Taylor is now selling his FS2004 ‘Sky Diver’ on simMarket. “….. The Para Foil was an early model of a gliding parachute – also known as a ram air wing. It could carry a fully-loaded combat soldier weighing 350 lbs at about 36 fps fprward speed while descending at 12 fps. He could land at about 6 fps if he flared his canopy properly. This is a model of a sport version to carry up to 200 lbs. ….”. You can have a look here at simMarket.

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  1. question:

    how did i get altitude to jump of at 10000ft over ground? Well with slew mode it will be very boring but when useing airplane to get it, it should be the Dornier Do-27, further it would be very nice

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