simFlight’s News HQ Moved

burginNina and I are away for a bit of rest, a much needed break, so simFlight news will come to you from the snow covered flanks of the Mont Vallon, the Dent de Burgin and other exotic named mountains for the next three weeks. In between skiing and relaxing (duh!) we’ll continue to bring you news as we find it of course. Meanwhile, we sure could do with some additional, loyal and regular contributing editors for If you think you’re a good English writer, know everything about FS and have time to spare, send me a note at francois at simflight dot com.

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  1. Looks like fun in the sun! I use to travel every year to Courmayeur to ski on Mont Blanc from 76-79. Absolutely stunning views and lots of fun (even for non-skiers). I remember going up to the highest level of Mont Blanc the lift would take me with a friend, jumped off with my skies in a small blizzard and found the area closed (the weather was really nice at lower levels). Why they let us go that high I don’t know but when I took off my skies, I sank to shoulder level in the snow. There was a man on duty who pulled us out and got us on the lift back down. I don’t think they would allow anyone at ski slopes in the US to do that! Fun stuff though! Have fun on your trip.


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