Preview Of Innsbruck FS2004

On the Aerosoft preview forums you can see a bunch of screenshots of the upcoming Innsbruck Airport of Austria. The airport is being built by Johannes Kimla, and the thread has been posted by our friend Rainer Duda. So far it looks really nice and offers a very realistic view of the airport in the famous valley. Check out the preview here.


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  1. Man, I’m not a big buyer when it comes to scenery’s (although over the FS9-years it totals to a couple of 100 euro’s) but this one surely will make it on my credit card bill 🙂
    Have been following this project for over a year now and Gianni went lightyears beyond his own Salzburg and Klagenfurt scenery (both excellent freeware!!!) with this one.
    A Top-5 favourite for sure!

  2. Just to keep you updated: the download version is released since June 26, 2009 at aerosoft.

    always three greens!

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