Radeon HD 4650 512MB iSilence4 Reviewed

radeon_4650Guru of 3D reports on this Radeon graphics card. “….. Sometimes very entertaining products can be the cheapest ones around. Especially for graphics cards this rule applies very often. In the high-end segment you need to have luck to tweak and overclock or pay a premium price for customizations. In the lower-end and budget products we often see the most wicked stuff that is very tweakable and versatile….”. “……. Today we review such a product. For 60 bucks you can pick up a HIS Radeon HD 4650 512MB iSilence4, it comes completely passively cooled thanks to a Zalman cooler. Not exactly a gamers dream .. but for HTPC users its just really affordable stuff. Click here to read the article on….”.

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  1. Please stop publishing Guru3D articles as long as they don’t use any simulation software in there benchmark.

  2. Please stop reading if you are not interested 😉 We happen to publish articles as we see fit, to service a broad range of reader’s interests.

  3. I agree 100% with Francois.

    simFlight is like a ‘central clearing house’ for what’s happening either directly or indirectly with regards to our hobby. I don’t have the time to search the net for everything new that hits the market and coming here saves me a lot of time.

    Even when they report about other ‘sims’, that’s helpful, since without this news page; I’d probably never know about them.

    Obviously ever single article won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s why everyone in the world isn’t drinking one brand of soft drink. We’re a very diverse group and the news page reflects that.


  4. If one is familiar with graphics hardware and benchmarking, and FSX itself, then one can get the necessary information from the articles from Guru3d/HardwareCanucks/Toms Hardware/etc without it being explicitly stated. And I rather prefer it this way. I used to see benchmarks using FSX, and they were soooo far out of whack (e.g. fps 3-4 times higher than normal) that it obvious they didn’t have something config’d right…which can mislead those that are less informed to making bad decisions. Caveot Emptor Benchmark-ikis…. 🙂

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