Small Airports Vol. 6 For Africa

sa_l-richardsbay3NMG Trading of South Africa has released its ‘Small Aiports Volume 6’. “…. This scenery expansion package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X contains the airports of Ladysmith, Newcastle, Richards Bay, Port Shepstone and Sodwana Bay National Park Airport. This package include the corrected road and railway network around the airports. The Richards Bay area includes a remodelled Richards Bay Harbour…..”. Available from simMarket now.

From the same developer is the series of Navigation Beacons updates for Africa. Check them out here on simMarket.

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  1. Hi,

    0,7 – 2,6 MB download volume for the packs 1 to 6. What are these sceneries? AFCAD- files with a few screenshots? 😉



  2. Scenery objects are small. Airport facilities files are smaller. What takes up the majority of space in scenery files is textures so, if as marklar says, these are using mainly default objects and SDK groundplans, then the files will be small.

    Many of the default library objects, however, are exceptionally well textured and very good models, so why re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to?

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