Learn To Love Alaska

Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing writes “…..If you’re a (novel?) FSX user, you won’t think much of Alaska as it is presented in the sim. It will look pretty much as in the screenshot below. Boring and unnatural straight coast lines, lack of towns and roads (not that there are many) and generally not an interesting place to go flying at all!

But, enter FSAddon Publishing’s Tongass Fjords X, the masterly creation of Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack, and we’ll teach you to LOVE America’s largest state! Click on ‘Read Full Story’ to see what Alaska will look like after you get Tongass Fjords X installed on your machine. We’re currently beta testing and plan a release within 2 or 3 months from now!…”.


Pretty ‘yuck’ eh? Now click on ‘Read Full Story’…….

Same place, same sim…… Tongass Fjords X loaded!!


There’s a bunch more screesnhots on our forums, please click here…..”.

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  1. Loved the version for FS9, guess I’ll have to pass on this one. Looks great though…

  2. I’m really looking forward to it. It looks great and will give me a reason to actually start buying bush planes for FSX. (At this time I still use FS9 for much of my bush flying because of MF, TF and GBv2.)

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