Beautiful Cars And Beautiful Airplanes

goodwood-breakfast_logo_178x80…. that combination is what Goodwood in the UK has to offer…. frequently! We have reported before about the two main events on the ‘racing track’ estate, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival, both centered around classic (racing) cars and classic aircraft. But now there is the Goodwood Breakfast Club, offering a regular and spectacular way to enjoy more of these golden oldies! Read all about it here !When my friend Didier Keller was visiting the last time, flying his classic Piper Cub, he met with a Stampe bi-plane in the air and they flew to Goodwood Breakfast together. Unfortunately the fate of the old aircraft was to have a very rude and definite end to the breakfast meeting…. it took off by itself, leaving the pilot behind, and crashed into some trees bordering the airfield. You can read this BBC account of that incident!

Below is the Stampe photographed by Didier before landing at Goodwood.


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  1. Thanks for the link, Francois ! I knew about Goodwood from Tim of course but i didn’t know you could actually witness revivals of GP races from the 60’s and even 50’s ! I nearly wet myself when looking at the opening movie ! LOL

    Cost me more then 100 Eur when i bought the DVD’s but this is really what i’ve been looking for all along without knowing… 😉

    Made my day ! Thanks again,mate !


  2. My pleasure Jan. I also got bunches of photos from a few of my visits…. will see if I can post a few on-line in the coming weeks.

  3. So you’ve been there for real !?? Wow! I went to the UK many times, only to watch boring aeroplanes and steam locomotives… 🙂 Wish i had known about Goodwood then! ( been to Old Warden a couple times though. Unforgettable too ! )

    Looking forward to your Goodwood photos !


  4. Wonderful photo’s, Francois, thanks ! Any idea what the gorgeous blue car is in the 7th photo of the Goodwood Visits page ? ( number 29 )


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