Review Of Captain Sim C-130 For FSX

Ian Pearson has reviewed the Captain Sim Hercules C-130 for us. “…… From the heat of African deserts to the icepack of Antarctica and the rain forests of South America, the Hercules truly is an aviation epic, so it’s fitting that Captain Sim’s original FS9 release of this aircraft (reviewed a while ago here by Bill Womack) was dubbed the “Legendary C-130″.

The package has now been updated to Microsoft’s latest simulator version, FSX, and all the extra packs have finally been released so we thought we’d give it the once over again and see what’s changed and what’s been added. ….”.

You can read the review (and see Nick Churchill’s excellent illustrations) by clicking here.

The Captain Sim ‘Herc’ is available on simMarket of course.


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  1. Good review, thanks. I had the FS9 version but it had a big issue (for me) that nobody ever mentions, the flight director was not modelled like a real FD, it was really anoying and very difficult to hand fly followinf the FD. I wonder if the FSX version has the same issue?


  2. I’ve tried flying damn near every aircraft available for FSX, either my own or someone elses, and the Captain SIm C-130 X is my favorite based on 40+ years and 10,000+ hours of real flying. BUT, the manual is FUBAR when it comes to the Flight Director. And I still have not succeeded in shooting an ILS. Certainly could be ‘the nut behind the wheel’, but . . . .

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