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essElemental Software Solutions, yet another FS textures replacements group,  say it is “…..  pleased to announce the release of it’s flagship product, FS Elemental – Natural Pack, for Microsoft’s FS2004. FS Elemental is an extraordinary and complete environment enhancement dedicated to Flight Simulator 2004. With simply one click, you can now revive your current Microsoft Flight Simulator environment….”. “….. All textures were developed to work synergistically WITH each other, with the implementation of newer technology and techniques. Sky colors change with the seasons accordingly and cloud formations are beautifully rendered with stunning lifelike realism.
The sun actually appears brighter the more it’s focused upon. At dawn and dusk, land masses and cloudscapes are blanketed by beautiful matching colors and the bottom of cloud formations appear darker as the sky darkens, and lightens accordingly in brighter atmospheric conditions.

In addition to FSE Natural Pack, ESS, Inc. will release three additional packages: Intense Pack, Vintage Pack and Weather Environment nHancer. Elemental Software Solutions is comprised of flight sim enthusiasts & developers, all who have been making software and flight simulator add-ons for a combined 18 years. For more information, please visit our website. …”.

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  1. The environment gets very beautiful, yet the perfprmance gets really a lot worse. Apx. -20fps. Really strong machine needed.

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