HJG 3rd Anniversary

hjg-aMark Cranston of the Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) writes that they “….. have pleasure announcing its 3rd anniversary website update featuring debut release of its secret aircraft project of the past several months, along with another flightline of classic/nostalgic B707, B720, & B727 liveries for FS2004 & FSX ….”.

“….. New B707-320C & B720-B textures include the late 1970’s livery of an airline representing a Middle Eastern kingdom. New early production B727-100 textures feature both mid 1960’s and 70’s identities for a Caribbean based operator. And new late production B727-100 textures represent the late 1960’s livery of a Colorado based US carrier, 4 variations of attractive and historic gold & black livery employed by a major Mexican airline during the 1960’s 70’s era. And freighters featuring both a Latin American based aircraft in the colorful livery of a major international courier service, and another strikingly liveried aircraft operated by a lesser known African carrier both of more recent times.

But that’s not the lot…

New HJG B727-200 ADVC textures feature the late 1980’s livery of a Middle Eastern kingdom, and a rare military aircraft recently operated by the USAF-ANG. And an early production B727-200 freighter conversion in the current identity of an Irish cargo specialist.

An upgraded/more authentic 1985 Piedmont Airways texture for B727-200 ADVC has also been released.

But …wait for it… because HJG’s great secret aircraft project of the past several months is now a secret no more…

HJG have pleasure announcing release of the first of its new DC9 flightline beautifully crafted by Nicholas BOTAMER  featuring the DC9-50 accompanied by a selection of the most historic US operators of the type from the 1970’s, 80’s, & 90’s period, including also the McDonnell-Douglas demonstrator livery of 1975, along with the 1980’s identity of a major Scandinavian carrier. 2 P&W JT8D soundpacks have also been released for HJG’s new DC9 family. For further information regarding this latest FS offering kindly refer to the “NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS” page of the HJG forum.

All this and more are now available for “FREE” download and your private FS enjoyment from the HJG website at our website.

HJG acknowledge with gratitude both kind support and encouragement from the international FS community throughout the past 3 years duration …. THANKS EVERYONE !….”.

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