Lock Haven Airport For FSX

lockheavenWe reported about this before, but now the FSX version of the Piper Memorial Airport has been posted on simMarket for download. “…. This scenery features this historical general aviation airport with great realism and attention to details. All runways and taxiways replicate the real ones with great precision and detail, all custom high resolution textures, marks, taxiway centerlines. Complete photorealistic look of the airport during the whole year, during the day or night….”. Find it here on simMarket.

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  1. There is no such airport.

    However, there is a Lock HAVEN which is well-known as the home of the Piper Aviation Museum

    Spellcheck – and proper research – for all self-proclaimed journalists is your friend…

    Please feel free to correct the header and then delete this post. The desire to be a journalist is never sufficient qualification to become one.

  2. Of course if he HAD used spellcheck it would have returned no errors, since “heaven” is a correctly spelled english word. there are ways of pointing out errors without sounding pompous, and you seem to have avoided all of them.

  3. I didn’t see the original post. More’s the pity.

    Since this is a ‘tempest in a teapot’, I can only assume that the original poster is at that young and rebellious age and is trying to make a valid point, as so many young and inexperienced kids do nowadays. I can sympathize with him as I was 16-years-old just 10 years back too and having purchased my first dictionary and thesaurus; I desperately wanted to impress the adults with my newfound knowledge of correct English usage skills.

    I believe we should encourage these young kids to make their mark in this world by letting their collective voices be known and heard, and in the process, we can teach them that manners and common civility go hand-in-hand, even when it’s necessary to correct the adults when they make blatant errors, whether it’s a misplaced word, or even worse, a grammatical error.

    Thankfully the 16-year-olds are with us as keepers of correct English usage, and I for one am and will be eternally grateful for their contributions, which without, this world would truly be a dismal place.


  4. Pups,

    Simon Evans is neither young nor innocent. He just likes to be a major pain for the heck of it. I have learned to let him enjoy himself that way, assuming he’s got nothing better in his life.

    But he was correct, I was in a hurry and ‘assumed’ and extra ‘e’ in the title :-))))))

  5. I used to pick up new Piper Tomahawks from there in the late 70’s. It may be spelled HAVEN, but the area is pure HEAVEN. Beautiful place, beautiful scenery. Try not to make anymore “serious” mistakes like that again, Francois! 😉


  6. Look, Simon Evans has been around since FS98 or in forums or even before that. I am his fan. I adore his sense of humor and I enjoy reading his posts. He was banned from long ago, but I gooogle and search for his posts cause i really love them. And despite his acid tongue and refined british humor, he is always helpful and has always replied to my inquiries. Sometimes he poke at some revealingly stupid questions, but I dont see this as personal, only a way of puting humor on it.
    Luis – Rio de Janeiro

  7. I have never been banded from Flightsim, nor for that matter from any other website to which I wish to have access. I merely point out the information posted as factually incorrect, and not excusable by a spell check. Whatever happened to a FACT check..?

    Once it was brought to the attention of those that had need to see it the fact was corrected. If you do not see it important to have facts corrected then might I point out the moon is made of cheese and Michael Jackson wasn’t buried, he was recycled.

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