HDR in FSX DX9It sounds incredible, but it really works (NVidia card needed, newer models only 9xxx and later, probably 8xxx as well – couldn’t test it on ATI, you’ll have to try yourself): This little .dll adds HDR  to FSX in DX9 – without noticeable impact on framerates (at least on newer cards). It’s the same effect you see in Half Life, for example, and it mimics the eye’s adaption to bright light and darkness. All you have to do is to open the archive, copy the DLL and the ini-file into your FSX directory and start up FSX to see the effect. What happens is that colors become more vivid, the image is less flat and it now makes a difference if you look into the direction of the sun or away from it. Even during the night, it adds more realism. The effect works windowed or in full screen. Be careful, you might become addicted to it. 🙂

If you have the “affinity mask” setting in your fsx.cfg, you should take it out in order to keep high frame rates. To see the dll in action, have a look at this clip on youtube. Try it out yourself and post your impressions here.

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  1. Hi,

    This is an old news, I use it in FS9 since the last year.

    It’s not difficult to use in FS9, but I saw that with different videocards you need different settings in enbseries.ini (if you use the default settings, the screen will really burn and will be difficult to see something out of the cockpit).
    This addon is awesome! It really improves your fs experience without frame rate impact.


  2. As far as I have read, the big news is that the dll has been updated so it does not impact performance and can be used as described in FSX.

  3. Yes, the impact on frame rate is little lower (the old version, if used only for light bloom, was just really light on FPS) but I saw that the bloom is slightly different (both in FS9 and FSX).
    Maybe I’m wrong, but the older version worked in FSX too.
    There isn’t a specific FS version of the DLL. ENB Series is made mainly for GTA and 3-4 other games, but it works with other programs also.

    Have a nice flight! 😀

  4. Yup, thats the new thingie about it. The amazing thing is how little impact it has on framerates, at least on my machine it isn’t noticeable at all. I am still tweaking the ini – for my taste it’s a little bit too exaggerated when it deals with glare (it tends to wash out the clouds more than I like), but I am sure that I will have tuned it to my liking pretty soon…

  5. I downloaded this yesterday for FSX and it is really fantastic. So easy to install just drop two files in FSX’s main folder and it really adds to the immersion for the sim. Works great with my 4870 ATI card. It’s very subtle (some of the HDR I have seen in software these days seems to be a bit over the top). But I urge people to give it a try. I ahrdly noticed any impact on framerates but your experience may vary.

    Superb addon , it has to be seen in your sim to be appreciated. The video is good on Youtube but you don’t get the general feel for it.


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