FS Altitude Western USA

dvd_fsa_usw_xThe France VFR team is “…… proud to announce you its second pane of FS Altitude representing more than 5 million km²  from the entire Western coast of USA down  the Mexican border (major part of Mexico included) getting to the middle states of the USA . The scenery has been built using low resolution photo-realistic textures (14.25 m/pixel) that are perfect for replacing the default textures of FSX for IFR flights from 6000 m (20,000 feet) altitude, rendering a realistic and reliable image of the given geographical zone or continent…..”.

UPDATE: now available from our favourite store: CLICK
“….. As FS Altitude only displays when reaching a certain level of height, below this level all previously installed add-ons remain visible. IFR flight with FS Altitude provides you complete immersion due to the widespread view and the low resolution texture.
Other scenery of FS Altitude are to be released soon: Australia in May and Eastern USA in June 2009. (3 DVD’s double-layered for each edition). For further information and screen-shots, please check our up-dated web site.…”.

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