Quest Kodiak From Lionheart Creations

Bill Ortiz, the owner and soul of Lionhearts Creations, has released his Quest Kodiak ‘modern bushplane’  a while ago. In Bill’s own words this is a “…… high technology, extreme environment bush plane, the Quest Kodiak. This unique new ‘real world’ plane was just released to the world officially this past year and already the factory is back ordered….”.

“….. The Quest Kodiak is an advanced design STOL aircraft that is able to accommodate short field airstrips in rough terrain. The Kodiak sports a Pratt and Whitney PT6 high performance jet turbine that can bring this huge plane up to 180+ knots and pull it off of high altitude runways in quick order….”.


“….. The airframe is designed for an extremely long, difficult work life, with attention to over-engineering going into the airframe structure. The cabin seats a total of 10 people, and the seats come out for hauling cargo. The aircraft line also sports limited edition stylish seating as well as base model seats. The aircraft’s unique fuselage also sports built in Amphibious floats attachment points, so switching the plane over to Amphibious mode takes a very short time.

This model features extreme high-detail modelling and high resolution texturing. The model has been created in both FS2004 format and FSX ‘pure’ format (dual models, DDS textures, high technology materials such as bump mapping). The package comes with 10 models and 7 textures, availing 70 possible combinations of planes in this package alone. (Not all are linked in the Registries sections).

New features include;
* Newer, redeveloped Garmin G1000 system that features lower refresh rates, sleep mode GPS MFD screen, and non render map modes, that enable faster frame rates for the package when in VC and 2D panel mode.
* New Garmin style navigation systems installed
* High detail manual that shows navigation systems and Garmin walk-throughs (free download)
* Extreme detail panel and center power ECU console
* High resolution 2D panel with many new popup consoles
* New airfiles that feature flair-able landings
* New factory clamshell style rear door which can be hidden for SkyDiver mode
* Amphibian models for float plane adventures; featuring the newest composite actual factory floats
* Tons of animated controls and accessories in the VC including hiding control yokes for switches access
* Lighting systems that enable soft glow instrumentation lighting, forward dome light, and rear dome light, all seperate, (and no longer running on Strobes circuit)
* Optional high resolution panel textures, downloadable, for faster systems, FSX only
* Optional low resolution graphics Performance Pack, downloadable, for FSX and FS2004, for slower computers and Laptops

Free FS Pilots Kodiak Manual is available here.

If you feel the call of the wild, if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, if you need something different and radical, yet refined and ‘high-tech’, then the new Quest Kodiak might be for you…..”.

Build 2.2 is now available in the simMarket on-line shop here.

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  1. Bill, once again BRAVO on a wonderful and fun package that leaves me wanting more. You certainly capture the spirit and fun of aviation by placing us in aircraft we might not otherwise know about and do it with such subtle detail that we always walk away with a grin on our face. Keep up the good work friend!

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