All-out Sale At FS2Crew

fs2crew-dave_smBryan York of FS2Crew writes : “….. Over 160 Euros worth of FS2Crew bundled together -all for one low price! This Ultimate Bundle Pack includes the latest and the best in FS2Crew releases! This is the download version, available here from simMarket.
FS2Crew Editions Included:
* PMDG MD-11 (FSX and FS9)
* Wilco feelThere Airbus Special Edition (FSX and FS9)
* PMDG 747 (FSX)
* Level-D 767 (FSX)
* Flight1 ATR (FSX)
* Default 747 (FSX)
* Default 172 (FSX)
* Special bonus product included: FSCheckride (FSX and FS9)….”.

“….. How to receive your order on DVD:
The download file is approximately 1.25 GB. If you have a slow or unreliable internet connection, we offer a version of this product that ships on a burned DVD disk. Note that the DVD comes on a straight DVD. There is no fancy box. Click here to order the DVD version that can be shipped to your address. Otherwise continue on this page to order the Download version…..”.

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