Airport Design Editor Updated To Version 1.40

ade_140ScruffyDuck Software and the ADE Development Team “….. are delighted to announce the release of Airport Design Editor Version 1.40. This is a significant new release with a number of bug fixes, enhancements and new features. The major new function is the Visual Approach Designer. In the past creating approaches has meant writing xml code and repeatedly checking it in FS. With Version 1.40 we have introduced a graphical interface for approach design that mimics the FSX GPS Display…..”. “….. In addition ILS approach code can be automatically added when adding a user specified ILS. It is now possible to randomize parking order, or drag the order of parking spots to suit your needs. Users can now import information from a bgl or xml files into an existing project.
We have enhanced a number of areas including the range of co-ordinate formats that can be used when entering locations; runway length of greater than 20,000ft are now allowed; inclusion of no crash and no autogen suppression of objects; locking of objects groups such as runways or aprons is now specific to each project. We have fixed many bugs including the one that caused ADE project files to grow in size and the one that caused objects to move after setting their position manually.

For full details please visit the ADE Home Page….”.

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