PBY Catalina Out Now

aerosoft_cat_shop_21And just on a day like this I had to be out of the office, and miss Aerosoft’s latest release, eh? Well I can’t get enough of her, so here’s yet another article……
Mathijs Kok writes “…… Aerosoft has just released the PBY Catalina. The feature list of this project is extensive, from special xml extensions for the flight model to a innovative sound module that expands what FSX can do.

The images that are available at the Aerosoft site (and in the simFlight article below) sure look impressive and show a very detailed virtual cockpit.

Included are the PBY-5, PBY-5A and the PBY-6A in many different versions. You need to read the 400 page (!) manual, it actually is a REAL Catalina operations manual, not one for an FS product, to keep the engines running sweet as there are many new failures built into the engine management module. If you like your aircraft to be weird looking and leaking oil, the Catalina should not be missed. ….”.

Available here and now from simMarket of course.……. !!

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