New Reference Plane For FSX

I don’t think I want to put anymore news on the site today… just so that we keep these Catalina pictures on top….. I have a bunch more, but had to make a selection. They are ALL breath taking (thanks Nick) and the upcoming Aerosoft Catalina (out tomorrow) will for sure set a new reference for all FSX aircraft to compare to from here on!

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  1. It’s only a reference plane if the frames are decent also. But it sure does look good!

  2. 1) We can do a FS29004 version if you tell us what 2/3 of the polygons and vertices we can remove and still keeping it look this good. Also please tell me how to get 100+ animations in a FS2004 aircraft. Look it is simple, I can’t force my modelers to work with standards that are 7 years old, they just won’t do it.

    2) Frames? We’ll how about 83 fps in the VC and 125 fps external? The aircraft is done by professional 3d modelers and believe me, that is very very rare for FS products. But it shows. Just take a look here, That’s on a $750 machine. Sure the images are not made on Frankfurt airport with full AI, but why would you fly this aircraft there, it just does not fit.

  3. You have nothing to fear, Rob! Short of flying over VancouverX with all sliders right and an old single core, you are going to be well pleased with this – I have been on the beta for this for a long while. She’s gorgeous!

    As for an FS9 Version – well, there is the old Alphasim Cat

  4. FSX is still not prime time enough for me to feel confident in a purchase like this. All the advancements in the world is not going to make FSX perform better. I most diffidently will look at this two years or more from now when FSX is capable of stellar performance throughout the sim with add-ons on top of it. My first flight will be down the Hudson next to ManhattenX. Gone will be the excuses of where this aircraft fits because performance limitations won’t allow me to enjoy this aircraft wherever I choose.

    Now back to my PMDG 744 landing From Simwing’s Paris into FSDreamteam’s KJFK (oh, yea with Aerosoft’s FS9 version of Manhattan in the background); Framerates never drop below 30.

  5. Mathijs and Shaun, thanks for commenting on the frames. I’m still a little hesitant after the Bushhawk. But I sure believe that on a i7 core she does give great results but how about an average rig like a Core2Duo 6850, 8800 GTX 768 MB, GigaByte P35-DS4 mainboard. Oh I hope…

  6. Oh btw don’t forget the nice Abacus Cat made by Dave Eckert and Warwick Carter for FS9

  7. Indeed Shaun and Mathijs are right. I bought the girl and she’s smooth. Great frames! Very nice indeed 🙂

  8. Regarding framerates: Incredible. On my system, it’s like flying the stock Cessna 172SP. Smooth like silk. The Carenado Mooney is more demanding than this one.

  9. Hats off to Mathijs and his team for this work of art. The videos really the realism one can expect. I don’t even fly FSX yet but might buy her anyway to use for my inaugural flight if and when ;).

    I’m taking my xtra CH Throttle quadrant and installing it upside down overhead just to simulate piloting Catalinas, gooses, twotters and the like. Gee, you’d think the pilot’s arms would be pretty sore after a long haul!?


  10. Looks awesome guys!! Eventually I’ll get around to buying this one. I think it would be a great one for Megascenery Earth Washington and California.

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