MyTraffic X Once Again Fills The Skies


In a press release Burkhard Renk, the author and driving force of MyTraffic, mentions that he has “….released Version 5.2a of this very popular program, the ‘Mother of all AI Programs’ for the MS Flight Simulator series. This free update is mainly enhancing the eastern hemisphere and bringing it up the the same high levels achieved for the western areas, adding a lot of new models and liveries to the already impressive list. Aircraft such as Antonov, Ilyushin, Tupolev and Yakovlev are now included, in FSX format of course, assuring that all current airlines and commuter airlines in ‘the East’ are now also present in your FSX installation!….”.
“…… There are even a dozen new airports included, airports that were missing from FSX! Attached are ‘before’ and ‘after’ screenshots of the situaion at Bykovo and Ostafyevo in Russia to show the difference!

This update assures that MyTraffic X remains as before the number one AI traffic program in the world, making the virtual skies and airports in FSX look so much more realistic.

The free update is  available from the MyTraffic Support Forum here.

About MyTraffic X

MyTraffic was first published back in 2002 and has been constantly adapted to new versions of MS Flight Simulator, making use of all the new features
introduced with those versions.
MyTraffic X replaces the standard Microsoft AI aircraft and flight schedules. In most locations in the world you will see 5 to 6 times more flights as compared to running default FSX, whilst maintaining a good performance.
MyTraffic has been copied a few times, but so far never been equaled. With well over 5.600.000 weekly flights, more than 8100 busy airports from large to small, 1900+ airlines, 4500+ liveries and more than 170 aircraft models, the majority of them in dedicated FSX SP2 format, it still runs circles around the competition.

In addition to a very good performing AI program it also offers owners of FSX DeLuxe the option to go back in time and see appropriate schedules AND aircraft for the period chosen.
Another extra is the included MyTraffic X Editor, with which customers can add their own AI aircraft, airlines, liveries and/or airports.
And then there is the MyTraffic Communicator, a program to simplify managing MyTraffic X itself.

Last but not least MyTraffic can be used with Super Traffic Board for FSX, which is an enhanced version of the built-in Traffic Board, developed in close cooperation over the years……”.

MyTraffic X download version can be purchased from simMarket here.

Below are some screenshots showing off this ‘ultimate’ AI Traffic Product

This is what Bykovo Airport in Russia looks like in default FSX


And here is what it looks when you load My Traffic X !


Similar for The Ostafyevo Airport. Default FSX……


And theMyTraffic version adding some reality…..


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