AlphaSim’s HU-16B Albatross For FSX

alphasim_albatrossPhil from AlphaSim reports the release of their latest product, the HU-16B Albatross flying boat. “….. The classic amphibian has been recreated with seven unique models and twelve texture sets, with options for ‘weathered’ or ‘factory fresh’ versions, bringing the total variations to sixteen…..”.“…. Full SP1/SP2/Acceleration compatibility is gauranteed. AlphaSim’s ‘RealGauge’ tech is used throughout the detailed VC to provide silky smooth gauge movement and after dark the user has the choice between cabin or direct gauge lighting at the flick of a switch – all the normal functions are present and mousable in the cockpit, custom views allow different and useful perspectives. A truly outstanding sounds package by TSS brings the Albatross radials to life! Flight dynamics have been expertly crafted to provide a very authentic experience, with no nasty suprises. Water take-offs and landings are simple, the sim provides nice spray, wake and wallowing effects….”. For more information, check out the AlphaSim website.

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