FSFlyingSchool2009 Version 2.2 Released

fsflyingschoolJeff Preston of  FSInventions announces “….. a new version of its FSFlyingSchool2009 add-on for FSX and FS2004. Version 2.2 introduces new features which are free to existing owners of FSFlyingSchool2009.  Like Crashes recorded in Log Book. The findings of the the fictitious National Aeronautical Safety Board are now recorded in the pilot’s log book. These record the summary details of the crash and data on vertical speed, IAS, ground speed, engine(s) status, and lots more. These are of great help to the pilot who wonders why an aircraft crashed in Flight Simulator.
By popular request, the pilot also gets a record of how well the flight had proceeded up to that point….”.“…. Another new feature is the New Hotkey. Pressing Ctrl Shift B provides handy data to the pilot who wants to know current: AGL (above ground level), ground altitude and also displays the count of errors (if any) that the instructor has noted in this flight. To the sharp eyes of these instructors, flying the wrong way for half a second counts as an error so these can add up fast!
Oh, and Tips. The in-program tips have been greatly expanded to help pilots get the most from all of FSFlyingSchool’s features.
To find out more, watch movies, download demo, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool Website at our website….”.

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