Help Save a Skyraider…..


…. from US Homeland Security paranoia, no less! Mr. Hendrickson, a US citizen and son of  Ret. USN Captain C.F. Hendrickson acquired one of the last flying Douglas AD-4N Skyraiders (in France, no less) and brought it home with the intention to keep the history of this aircraft alive and flying! Through increasing paranoia and bureaucracy the aircraft was confiscated by the Homeland Security Dept….. If you’re a US citizen and (military) aviation lover, you can help the Hendrickson’s to get their plane back and prepare it for sharing it with the public!!! Please check out his website here and support them !

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  1. What a load of B.S. If we as a country continue down the path we seem to be going with situations such as this then it seems the terrorists have won. Thanks for posting this, I for one will be forwarding a letter to my state representatives as soon as they get the info posted on their site. Makes me wonder how much longer we’ve got before they’re going after ultralight aircraft.

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