MyTraffic X Links To Ultimate Traffic 2

mtx_233Flight1’s recently released Ultimate Traffic 2 offers yet another AI package. Burkhard Renk, author of MyTraffic X5.2a, reports “……A simple but charming idea is that users of both packages want to profit from both of them. I found a simple way to implement this by making a little change to the MyTraffic editor and use one of the last spare bytes unused since years. With the new editor that you find in the Patch52a uploaded today, you can set for each airline if it is contained in UT2. I did so in the attached data base using a preliminary list published a few days ago, so there may be a handful more to check.

The ‘create’ commands in the editor contain a new check box to write out schedules for airlines only that don’t have this box checked – and that’s it. You can easily create a set of schedules for those airlines that aren’t part of UT2.

These are many, UT2 comes with 947 airlines, MyTraffic has 1925 ( including around 300 military units ). When I do not count those airlines that have one model only in UT2, but three or more in MTX, the overlap between the two products is between 300 and 400 airlines, including all the major ones of course – leaving 1200 airlines exclusive to MyTraffic. These are Charter, Cargo, Small, Exotic, Govermental, Corporate, Survey airlines around the world.”

More information about this can be found on the MyTraffic Forum here.

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