It’s a scenery, it’s an helicopter… yes, it’s the SA315 LAMA package!

OUT NOW, the much (and this is not the usual PR BS here) antecipated SA315 Lama for FSX and FS2004 from Peter Salzgeber: jajajajaja…. it’s all you ever wanted from an helicopter package release: 39 versions & configurations, seasonal equipment, winches, spectrolab, spray equipment, transport versions, etc, etc, etc… plus a bunch of air base sceneries  in the Alps just to create that right environment for your flights! and FSX aswell as FS2004 versions are included.


The feature list is endless and i posted it in all it’s glory after the jump….

Oh, gotta’ run. i am in a hurry, there is this fire i have to help put out with my Bamby-Bucket…… join me please, your route to enjoyment starts here: simMarket.

Welcome to Sud Aviation SA315B Lama Add-On for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Acceleration Pack

Save cows and people, fight fires and transport different goods and equipment.
Bring people to the glacier for heli-skiing.
Fly the famous work-horse helicopter!

Full FSX SP2 / Acceleration Pack and VISTA DirectX 10 compatible.

Programmer’s preface

My objective is to build helicopters for Microsoft Flight simulator offering you a flight experience as close to real life as possible. Not only allow my helicopters the users to fly around, but they also support air transport missions that are typical for this type of aircraft. The Sud Aviation SA315B Lama V4 for FS2004, an earlier add-on for Microsoft Flight-Simulator of mine, already supported such transport missions. Now, I am glad to present a new edition for the current FSX.

Thanks to the help of helicopter operators, pilots und engineers who gave me most useful hints about the helicopter, I finally was able to build this Lama. The Lama allows a helicopter experience coming as close to real life as possible. The given limits of Microsoft Flight Simulator — unfortunately — make a 100% realistic rendition of a helicopter impossible at the present stage. However, I hope you will enjoy your flights in my Lama “X”!

Peter Salzgeber

The Aircraft


  • 39 versions / configurations
  • Paints from 6 different operators
  • Realistic sounds
  • Realistic flight-dynamics
  • Original start-up procedure
  • 3D Cockpit fully animated
  • FSX DX10 programming

Modell variations:

  • Summer and winther equipment
  • Winch operations
  • Long-line operations
  • SpectroLab Night-Sun
  • Spray equipment

Transport versions with

  • 8 meter / 24 ft Sling
    • Material transport
    • Bamby-Bucket (Fire-fighting)
  • 16 meter / 48 ft Sling
    • Logging (wood)
    • Mobile-phone antenna
    • Short-line rescue
    • Cow rescue >

incl. 6 Sling-load and rescue-training missions for Acceleration-Pack!

System requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004
  • Windows XP/VISTA /Processor 2GHz
  • RAM min. 1GB / Graphics min. 256 MB
  • 700 MB free disk space

New conception for FSX, Full FSX SP2 / Acceleration Pack and VISTA DirectX 10 compatible

  • More detailed aircraft models for different configurations:Passenger Lama with Mission-Equipment and Heli SkiingTransport Lama with different loads and Bamby-Bucket for Fire-fighting
  • Winch Opreation Lama
  • Long line Rescue Operation Lama
  • Skids and Basket
  • new “Event panel switchboard” with new switches for easier use.
  • new built, accurate rotor system with new detailed rotor heads (main and tail rotor)
  • new Gauges for more realism and better performance

Also included:

  • Lama Original Lama Flight Manual as PDF

The sceneries

The FSX version contains the air bases in Zermatt and Raron, the village of Zermatt, as well as the following mountain cabins: Hörnlihütte, Schönbielhütte, Monte-Rosa-Hütte, Topalihütte and Hollandiahütte. The scenery elements have been designed by Michael Röthlisberger.

Save people and cows in danger, help fight fires, transport different sort of goods, fly some friends for heli-skiing to the glacier. Learn more about the SA315B Lama in this most advanced helicopter add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX.

The Missions for acceleration pack

For “Acceleration-Pack”, this software includes 6 training units for the Lama: (They only work with the FSX acceleration pack and they are only installed when the “Acceleration-Pack”for FSX has been installed on your computer)

Sling-load training at Raron and Zermatt You can pick up several objects on the bases and around them. These loads can be flown to a destination of your choice, also up to the cabins. You can choose between an 8 meter or 16 meter sling to fly the missions.

Sling rescue training at the Matterhorn Taking off from Zermatt air base you fly to the Matterhorn cabin, to pick up the rescuer using the long line. Then you fly a dramatic rescue mission at the Matterhorn

Winch rescue training at the Matterhorn Start at the Matterhorn cabin, hook the rescuer up to the long-line, and fly a spectacular
rescue mission at the Matterhorn.

We recommend you fly the helicopter tutorials in preparation, as well as going through the sling load tutorial using EH101 of the “Acceleration-Pack” for FSX.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (V 4) version is included!

The Lama V4.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

More detailed aircraft models 20 different models for different configurations:

  • Passenger Lama with Mission-Equipment and Heli Skiing
  • Transport Lama with different loads and Bamby-Bucket for Fire-fighting
  • Winch Opreation Lama with new Winch Operator
  • Long line Rescue Operation Lama
  • Skids and Basket or Emergency Floats and 3D Cockpit with and without GPS on every Model
  • New Floats Lama for Adventure Missions
  • New Sand filter Equipment for Desert Operations
  • new “Event panel switchboard” with new switches for easier use. One Panel for each Model
  • the basket and the skids are now independent from the winch, to switch on and off in all configurations.
  • new built, accurate rotor system with new detailed rotor heads (main and tail rotor)
  • new Gauges for more realism
  • the cockpit light is separated from the battery with a own switch
  • a new sunshade inside the cockpit with a own switch
  • reworked start up (longer electric starter sequence) for more realism.
  • new flight dynamics,  smoother tail rotor, now full compatible with the fs9.1 upgrade by Microsoft.

The Winch Lama

The Lama contains a working Winch system. You can move it up and down for rescue. You can hook up a lifeguard and a climber.

  • the winch is now permanent visible.
  • new winch operator on the door.

The Passengers Lama

There is a new third passenger on the back seat. Heli-skiing and Mission Equipment in the Basket

The Sling Cargo Lama

  • the long line rescue operation on the sling hook is back.
  • the cow has passed a diet. She looks now slender then before.
  • More detailed cargo sling hook.
  • the Bamby-Bucket is on a shorter line.
  • the Load is on the ground before take off and after landing.
  • new Sling load weight indicator gauge.

The Spray Lama

In this model, the spray unit is back. Type and hold the “I” key to spray.

The Fire Fighter Lama

  • new Model with water-tank and water hose on ground.

The Floats Lama

  • new Model with Floats for adventure missions


Contains user manuals in German, French and English. Easy to repaint textures. More then 30 liveries from different operators available. Customer support and support forum.

Also included:

  • Original Lama Flight Manual as PDF

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  1. The Lama is in the wrong download section in the shop – even if it is compatible to both, when you select th Lama from the FSX/download/aircraft/helicopter choice, you end up in the FS2004/downloads pages.


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