The dawn of a new Flight Simulator…. maybe?

My friend Mathijs Kok, one of the brightest minds in our hobby/industry and the company he works for, Aerosoft, have plans for an entire new, post FSX, Flight Simulator development: “ Aerosoft is currently seriously investigating the development of a new simulator, directly aimed at replacing FSX “….

He is asking YOU for your serious and direct input in this forum thread. so go over, do your homework reading it well and jot down your ideas.. who knows, the might be used one day!

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  2. Avid Flight Simmer; Retired USAF C5/C130/AT28 Driver; Retired Corporate Challenger and Hawker Driver; Whe a new Sim is built to supplant/replace FSX, suggest provisions for more realism with performance planning for jet aircraft T/O and G/A. Need as much realism as practical in calculating Take off and Landing Data, Representative System Failures and Weight and Balance Calculations. Thanks for letting me contribute a thought.

  3. Thank you for the noble idea to carry flight sims forward after FSX. I would think as a start, utilizing the features that modern hardware have to offer would be one requirement. (FSX realy didn’t score on that count). Secondly, continuing to allow an open enviornment for third party folks is what made the Microsoft FS series as popular as it is. As to improvements, I can start with list and most likely add on much more.

    Improved Traffic communications
    Scenery detail (bitmap, resolutions,google earth style of scenery)
    Cockpit detail improvements (make the 2d panel obsolete)
    More realistic scenery such as traffic. FSX is too cartoonish
    Better framerates! (A tall order I know)
    Compatibility with FSX aircraft etc.
    That’s a start.

    Thanks again. I for one would be very interested in another generation of flight sim.

  4. 1)Advanced flight dynamics to include realistic rudder control and spin characteristics.
    2)Realistic Air Traffic Control.
    3)2D and 3D panels available for all aircraft.
    4)Advanced weather generator. For example, the ability to place microbursts in front of a runway, tropical storm/cyclone creation.
    5)The ability to fail a multitude of aircraft systems and to accurately simulate engine fires, compressor surge/stall, catastrophic engine failures, burst tires, birdstrikes, rapid/explosive decompression, hydraulic failures… well, you get the picture.
    6)Backwards compatibility with FS2004/FSX aircraft.
    7)For military aircraft, the ability to employ ordnance (guns, bombs, missiles, etc) with their corresponding effect on a target (ground, trees, buildings, vehicles, etc.).
    8)Realistic sea simulation and states – suppose I want to go sailing??? But also It would be interesting to try to land on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier at night and in the weather.
    9)Select period scenery (World War I era; 1920s; 1930s; World War II era and current times which MSFS currently covers) with corresponding Navigational Aids (Light Beacon System, 4-Course Radio Range, etc.)
    10)All forms of Navigational Aids (past and present, from all countries) available for use in the “current times” is listed in item 9 with the ability to go into the scenery settings and select or deselect each system.

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