PMDG gives sneak teasers away

Lu’vely day, you go to the park, feed the pigeons…. you do this year in, year out, the pigeons keep coming as if it was the first day! We love this game and PMDG‘s Robert Randazzo is the Gran’Master of it in the FS industry (hi Bob <g>) … let’s join him at his latest post in their newly revived support forum where he gives briefs on the MD11, the NG2.0, the Dash8, the Project Next (biggest secret kept in Fort Knox currently) and last but not least images of the upcoming BAe JS4 100, that has been, currently is and will be in the works for quite some time now and will surely be the best made BAe the market has ever seen.

And because we like to show things right away, we sneakily invited ourselves to the image shown here:


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