May Screenshot Competition Results Announced

wingzWe had one heck of a time judging the entries this month. The decision was not easy with the standard of entries that were submitted. If you followed the competition, you’ll recall that the theme for this month was “Workhorses”

The Dromedar snapped by WingZ has got the lot this month. It is a fairly old workhorse and it looks the job too. Probably smells like a fertilizer plant, it’s in desparate need of a bucketful of soapy water, but the pilot is earning a few zloty more.

The first two places were easy enough to populate. First prize goes to WingZ and second place to speedsparrow. This is the reverse of the poll result, but then the composition, dramatics and situation played a role in the final decision. The C2 Greyhound looks like his take off was a wee bit wobbly and the launch crew would have blown the pilot a raspberry for turning in to the carrier’s path. It is still a great shot and we love it, but we loved the Dromedar just that wee bit more.

The one-two decision took long enough, but the “three”… Kilo-whiskey’s Herc in for repairs, speedpig001’s Afghanistan droppers, slait’s 377 and bekfreak’s bambi bucket equipped firefighter ALL have us going. Four great pics with equally interesting stories. All great workhorses. The Hercs have the undisputable seniority in terms of operational history – over fifty years of continuous service. The Stratocruiser has a unique place in aviation history and probably if you’d have shot the “Guppy” version landing at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy with the launch towers in the background, the shot would have been a no-brainer. Jordan Moore’s 412 is almost 21st century high-tech by comparison although hey, they have been in service for 38 years already. Bekfreak’s firefighter is perhaps a tad too “central”

All four candidates for third place have their pros and cons. In other months all four could have found themselves on the winner’s podium. But in the end there can only be one on each step. Speedpig, the honour for third place goes to you.

The final reasoning is that the “supply drop” scenario shows action. The ramps are down and you can ‘feel’ the urgency of both crews getting ready to drop their humanitarian supplies down to the beleaguered folks down below.

So in the final analysis it is:

WingZ in first place
speedsparrow in second, and
speedpig in third

Congratulations to you three and thanks for all the hard work to the rest of the entries! Here are the prize winning screenies again – clickable so you can see them in full size and as a bonus I am showing the three co-contenders for third place so that you can compare the difficulties we had in the final analysis.



The winners shots will go to the screenshot competition forum archives and you can always drop by there to see the current month’s and previous winners.

After the one-two-three, here are the three runners up. No prizes I am afraid, but you deserve the privilege of having your screenies aired here.


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  1. Hi, these are very nice screenshots from FSX, especially that PZL shot.
    Can you tell me where i can download that livery?

  2. I don’t know, but I totally agree with you on the livery – very “loved”.

    Drop by the competition forum and send him a PM…

  3. Congrats Charl – nice shot was going to enter this month but just ran out of time ..maybe this month

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