4 X New MD-11 Sound Packs from TSS

No matter if your MD-11 modell is equipped with Pratt & Withney or General Electric engines, TSS serves you well today with both flavours of sounds with multiple packages for FS2004 and FSX. A taste can be had by listening to this video and you can call them your own for a small sum here: CLICK.

By the way, do you want to see the guy that makes this sounds? click on the jump (Read More) link….

christoffer-tssThe above picture shows Christoffer from a recording session with the 737 CFM56-7B engine. (pinched from TSS website)

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  1. I listened to the Demo video. While those external MD-11 sounds seem to be very nice and accurate I’m afraid the internal sounds (flight deck) do not represent the real aircraft at all. So be cautious when you buy these as you won’t get the real deal inside.


  2. An this is unfortunately very true for every soundset of TSS I tested.

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